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Advice and Guidance for Graduate Students: How to Rotate

A PhD rotation is like buying a car. You can have the upper hand if you’re a well-informed buyer. Test drive your rotation lab, look past the shiny paint, and read the fine print before you sign. This is a guide to get you the best bang for your buck, the greatest investment of your time, and the most mileage out of your mentorship.

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Earning my PhD and the Emptiness that Followed

I had envisioned myself here -- being done with my graduate studies -- so many times, but somehow, I imagined it differently; in my mind this moment was shinier and more fulfilling than how it turned out. Maybe it’s because getting the PhD, somehow, somewhere along the line, became the goal and not a means to an end.

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An In Depth Analysis of the Trials & Tribulations of the Questioning Scientist

As with any social institutions, ideologies and demographics evolve with time. How do common practices in modern academia bolster or undermine the original philosophy of science? I hypothesize that the institution of academia and the original goal of science have become marred with groups of powerful individuals who behave inappropriately and perpetuate an environment that is both unfriendly to students and detrimental to scientific inquiry.

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